Chippie Personal Virtual Terminal (PVT)

Have you ever thought about owning a Personal Virtual Terminal (PVT) from Chippie? Well, the wait is finally over. The Chippie Personal Virtual Terminal is a web-based terminal that performs all of your transactions online without the use of an actual terminal. Necessary requirements are a computer with internet access and printer (optional). To use the PVT for personal pins and direct TopUp purchases, customer must fill out the credit card charge authorization form and fulfill all the requirements. When your account is open, you will be contacted by an Xtreme Business Concepts Inc. (XBC) support staff that will verify your information and give you your login credentials. Then, you can log in using your username and an eight digit alphanumeric password.

Security Warning: Do not save your login credentials on a public computer or any device where other people may have access.

Some advantages of the XBC Personal Virtual Terminal:

  • No open or close terminal functions to perform
  • Real-Time reporting
  • Chippie TopUps made from any Internet access point
  • No additional hardware necessary to buy
  • Two second transaction processing
  • TopUp using a Smartphone with Internet access
  • Did we mention it is free?

The PVT can perform the following tasks:

  • Pin Sales
  • TopUp Sales
  • Sales Transaction Details
  • Account Balance Reports
  • Account Statements

Download Virtual Terminal Application