What is a TopUp Card?

The TopUp card is a card that Chippie subscribers can use every time they TopUp their phone using any of Xtreme's POS terminal. All of Xtreme POS terminals and touchscreen kiosk have the capability to use the TopUp card. This will allows Chippie subscribers to have their phone numbers programmed to a TopUp Card and go to any Xtreme retailer with the new POS terminals or touchscreen kiosks. Subscribers can just swipe their card rather than saying, writing, or entering their phone number to clerk. This will reduce phone number errors with direct EZ Top-Up and can maintain personal privacy. The cards are programmable at any Xtreme POS Terminal, and are currently usable in the main islands of distribution: St. Eustatius, Saba, and St. Maarten/St.Martin.

Chippe Swipe CardChippie Swipe Card

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